3/26/07 - Aaaaaand we're back, with new content no less!

Not a large update I'm afraid, but still it's better than nothing... and I managed to fix a few quirks in the site's code. So let's get to it...

First off, there's a brand new piece in the newly opened "Fantasy Art" section.

Next we have the very beginnings of two new projects in the newly opened "Modified Toys & Models" section.

There's a brand new piece in the "Traditional Art" section, along with a few new / newer scans. Two of these scans are old pieces from school that I'm uploading for the first time (they are marked as being "new"). The rest are re-scans of a few of the older pieces that have been in the Traditional Art section since Artist86.com's launch.

For a little extra bit of content here's this year's jack-o'-lantern (click on the thumbnail for full image)...

Pumpkin 2006

Finally, there are three new links in the "Links" section. One of these leads to some older artwork of mine that isn't available here on Artist86.

That covers the site's updated content. Now for the updates made to the site itself...

The first thing you've probably noticed is that I've brightened up the Main page's "Link Icon" graphics. I think the old color scheme fit the page's design a bit better, but because of the icons' duller colors they seemed to go largely unnoticed (defeating their purpose).

An unexpected bonus of redoing the icons was that I was able to cut their file size in half, which should lead to faster load times!

The next noticeable change is that I've cleaned up each section's layout, and added descriptions to the top of most of the pages (to expand a bit upon each section's purpose).

I've finally removed that annoying horizontal scrollbar "Opera" and "Firefox" users were seeing here in the News & Updates section.

I've also re-scripted all of the site's rollovers using "Adobe ImageReady". Hopefully they'll function now in all browsers (or at least all of the popular ones).

Lastly I've reworked the site's Meta tags in hopes of making this place easier to find. It annoys me to no end that if I were to run a "Google" search for my name that this site wouldn't even make the list!

It certainly hasn't helped that my domain name provider forces this site to load in a frame which overrides my Meta tags. This is also why the site's favicon () has never worked.