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Divider At the moment this section is just a display area for some of my old school work.
Once I have more relevant work to add, all of this will be moved to it's own subsection within Traditional Art. Divider

Here we have artwork depicting a variety of settings.
Five of these pieces are background concept drawings (four are complete, while one is a series of thumbnails).
The sixth (the painting of the Arizona desert) is a basic landscape piece.

Tunnel Tower Sereen Arizona Hanger Thumbnails


The first three pieces here were drawn from photos while the final two are self-portraits drawn with the use of a mirror.
In the image of Patrick Stewart the assignment was to take a photo of a famous person and draw them in an unusual setting (some place you wouldn't really expect to see them).
In the self-portrait done in ballpoint pen (Me 2.jpg) the assignment was to incorporate the features of an animal into our faces. The features were to be subtle yet noticeable. *shrugs* Yeah, that part still confuses me a bit. :)

Duo Face The New Elf Me 1 Me 2


These seven pieces were created with the use of live models.
In the four pieces with complete backgrounds the assignment was to once again draw the model in an unusual / creative setting.

Model 1 Model 2 Reader Busted Holo Alien Vore


These are a few early studies in perspective drawing.

Perspective 1 Perspective 2 Perspective 3 Perspective 4


These first two color pieces were character designs for a fictitious video game a few friends and I developed for a class.
The motorcycle sketch is for a series of comic book characters that I've been developing over the years.
As for the cat sketch, whenever we have a family get-together the nieces and nephews always ask me to draw things for them. This was one such request (Duo insisted that I post it on my site). ;)

Arrow Yumi Bike Cat

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