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This was yet another school assignment, and the very first time I had ever used "Super Sculpey".
I was actually quite pleased with how it had turned out, especially since it was also my very first serious attempt at a sculpture.
I had tried sculpting with other materials in the past, but they were such a pain to work with that creating anything detailed or dynamic was pretty much out of the question.
This particular character is a tiger / human hybrid.
It's hard to see in these photos but the entire character is actually supported in the air by just her wrists. This is to give the feeling that she's actually bounding across the sculpture's base.

Tigress 1 Tigress 2 Tigress 3 Tigress 4


With this sculpture the assignment was to take "a normal everyday object" and to transform it into a character with the use of Super Sculpey.
As you can see the object that I had chosen was an old Microsoft serial mouse.
I pretty much used the mouse "as is" (it still contains all of it's original electronic components).
I simply drilled a few holes into it so that I could attach the limbs, while the hole for the mouth was cutout with the use of an exacto knife.
The limbs, eyes, teeth, tongue, and base were all baked separately and later attached, while the lips and nose were baked directly onto the mouse with the use of a propped-up hairdryer.

Mouse 1 Mouse 2 Mouse 3 Mouse 4

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