"Ecto-1A's" Undercarriage...


There is some debate in the "Ghostbusters" fandom as to whether the "Ecto-1A" is supposed to be an upgraded "Ecto-1" or a separate car entirely.

I personally believe the latter. It not only helps explain the change to the license plate a bit better, but a few other things as well (the missing louvers on the 1A's hood and tailgate for example... removing them or replacing the hood and tailgate wouldn't have been very practical).

That being said, it didn't make sense to give my two Ectomobiles identical undercarriages. I wanted to give the 1A a history of it's own.

This time around I painted the engine block with "Model Master" "Ford & GM Eng Blue", to give the appearance that the car was at least partially restored at one point. I also intentionally painted the transmission pan the wrong color (Mr. Steinberg over at "The Professional Car Society" informed me that painting the transmission and/or transmission pan to match the block is a common mistake made during restorations).


Unfortunately the GM Blue went on a little thick, and when I sanded it down to give it a second go I inadvertently sanded off the oil and transmission pans' drain bolts.

I was able to fabricate new bolts from two straight-pins (filing the heads into a hexagonal shape). They're not perfect, but I was pleased with how they turned out.

Despite the fact that I wanted the 1A to look as though it were in better shape than the E1, I was a bit heavy-handed with the black enamel. This was partially due to inexperience, but I also figured exposure to the sea air, pollution, and the amount of snow New York gets annually, probably turns a car into a grimy rust-bucket pretty quickly...

To be continued...

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