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Radon Arts - Searching for some artwork to liven up your living space? Like my, or "Duo's", artwork enough that you wish you could own an original piece for your very own? Well look no further!! -- Temporarily Closed --

deviantART - Not all of my online artwork is available here on Artist86. My deviantART account is a good place to find some of the various other projects I've done.

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Laughing Jackal - Some may think I'm being biased when I praise the talents of my fiancée (she certainly does) but "Duo's" artwork has never ceased to impress me. If you have a thing for chubby furries, "Gundam Wing", and yaoi (boy + boy content) you'll love this site!
Linker Are you into fuzzy blue elves who go "BAMF!" in the night? I mean REALLY into them!? Well then, you won't want to miss Duo's "Nightcrawler" fan site "Indigo Grove"!!

Pixelicous Creations - A while back "Pixel" had orchestrated a small gathering of local furry artists, which is where I met her. A friendly and talented artist, Pixel always impresses me with her use of lighting and vibrant colors.

Industrial - Back at the Art Institute I lived for the challenge of going head to head and pitting my skills against the other artists. This site is a collection of some of "Radd's" artwork, an artist who always gave me a run for my money, and still does.
Linker Be sure to also check out Radd's webcomic "Attack of the Amazing Flying Spud" at his professional site "SteamPowered"!!

TPD - Diva of design, wife to one of my oldest and best friends, all around friendly person. If you have a project that need's a designer's touch, look no further than "Tracy Pokrzywa Design".

Gunmouth - Another one of my übertalented friends I first met back at the Art Institute, "Gunmouth's" specialty is character design. I am forever amazed by his ability to balance detail and stylized simplicity.

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