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Name - Marc Radon
Age - 32
Current Whereabouts - NW Ohio
Known Aliases - "Cosmic-Riptide", "Riptide", "C-RT", "RT"
Primary Accomplice - "Duo Radon"

Current Data - Whether by genetics or choice, as far back as Marc can remember he has always been an artist. There is a large creative streak which seems to run through the blood of each member of his immediate family, as well as many of his friends (whether they realize it or not), and he is no different.

Never really viewing himself as exceptionally gifted or smart, this only seemed to be verified as he struggled through conventional schooling, which often seemed incompatible with his apparently unconventional ways. Still he worked as hard as he could and pushed on while struggling to advance in a system that simply didn't have someone like him in mind during its creation.

Marc's favorite subjects were science, history, and later in high school, literature. Thanks to a handful of understanding and unconventional teachers, he was allowed to apply some of his creativity to these and other subjects helping his studies immensely.

There of course were also arts and crafts classes, but he never really viewed these as classes per se nor worried too much about the related grades. To him it was more like "a break from school" and when he later attended high school, he signed up for virtually every class and club available that dealt with creativity (Art 1-4, Calligraphy, Pre-Engineering Graphics, "Photo Club", and "Art Club" where he often offered his talents to the "Drama Club", the "Yearbook Society", and a few local grocery stores where he helped with painting holiday window displays).

His greatest scholastic achievement to date was to graduate (with honors) from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in June of 2000. Finally, in an environment designed specifically for creative thinkers, Marc excelled like never before and his efforts were rewarded by making either the "Dean's List" or "President's List" every quarter he attended, and finally gaining him an Associate's Degree in Specialized Technology.

During his college training he majored in "Computer Animation and Multimedia" (C.A.M. for short), and specialized in traditional cel animation and his first love, illustration.

Since his graduation from "A.I.P.", Marc has moved back to his hometown in Ohio. Although he is not a particular fan of the city of Pittsburgh in itself, he greatly misses the friends that he made while attending college, and the environment created by finally being surrounded by so many like-minded individuals.

Currently he seeks (and desperately desires) a career in the artworld. Although he himself does not know with 100% certainty what precisely he'd like to do, or where his training may lead him, he has had varying levels of training in animation (both cel and CG), illustration, design and layout, photography, sculpture, painting, audio and video editing (both analog and digital), web-design, image editing and manipulation, character design, background rendering, human anatomy, color theory, storyboarding, and much more.

Currently, Marc does odd jobs to save up for his future with his beloved fiancée, as well as to purchase supplies for the continuation of his artistic endeavors. But he also continues to search and dream about an art career, possibly in illustration or character / background design (maybe in the fields of animation or gaming).

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