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1/11/06 - Maybe it was the cold medicine talking after all...

No, I haven't died. I've just been distracted by a zillion other projects that took precedence.

Rest assured that I have not forgotten about this place, and that I am working on new content for many of the sections that still remain "under construction".

I've also spent a lot of time tinkering around with the site's code these past few months (learning a few new tricks, working towards tightening up the layout in a few areas, and trying to iron out a couple of old viewing problems both here and on Radon-Arts... specifically for those of you who use "Opera").

I'm not going to make any grandiose declarations about this year. I'm simply going to keep plugging away at everything I'm doing and update the site as I finish things.

The next update will have a place where I'll post previews for some upcoming projects. Until then though, all I really have to offer at the moment is a pic of last year's jack-o'-lantern (click on the thumbnail for full image)...

Pumpkin 2005

Hope you all had a decent year. Let's hope that this one will be a thousand times better.


1/1/05 - Another year has passed by and I've updated this site *smacks head* twice!? Well, that changes this year!!

My New Year's Resolution is to get the hell out of this funk and get some serious art done!

This year the Fantasy Art section WILL be brought online, the Animation section WILL be brought online, and I dare say that I even intend to bring the Comics section and the Modified Toys & Models section online as well!

The CG-3D section will have to wait until I can afford the latest version of "Maya" *shrugs*.

"He's crazy" you're all saying. But I don't think I'm asking too much of myself. I certainly owe it to the two people that still frequent this site.

Let it be known that this is my resolution!!

I swear it's not the cold medicine talking! Right Mr. Ham Samich?

Mr. Samich - "Bitch I'm salami!!"

*THUD* Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


7/31/04 - Busy busy busy...

I'm afraid I don't have much of an update for this site at the moment.

I've gone in and cleaned up the coding a bit, vertically centered everything to polish up the site's appearance, and converted most of the site over to PHP to make maintenance a tad easier (a big "thanks" to my brother-in-law "Legion" for his help in that area).

The big news though, is the launch of "Radon-Arts.com"!! Duo and I have teamed up on a brand new website designed specifically for the purpose of selling our artwork!

Links to "Radon Arts" have been added to the "Prints & Commissions" section as well as the "Links" section (where two new additional links can also be found)!

Well, don't just sit there! Go check it out!
...while ...you're ..um ..sitting there. oO


1/3/04 - It's a new year.

I had hoped to have most of this site up and running by now, but unforeseen events and distractions have prevented that.

Still, the "Bio" section is now on-line (as exciting as that is *sarcasm*) and I've long begun construction on three of the currently "down" sections. So hopefully I'll have a more interesting update for you all soon.


8/13/03 - As my quest for employment continues I'm forced to put this site's next update on the back burner for a short period.

In the meantime please feel free to check out the links I posted in the newly active "Links" section.

Also, for those interested in such things, all past updates have now been moved to the "Archives" section.

New content is still on the way, unfortunately it's just taking longer than I had hoped.

Additional - I tweaked the site a little so that it's appearance will remain a bit more consistent between browser types.

I hadn't originally noticed, but because of the way "Netscape" handles the "align=middle" command some graphics were getting squished together. This should now hopefully be fixed.


6/16/03 - "Sculpture / 3D Works", now with content!

Once again, it's some of my older work but, hey, it's new to you!

"Fresher" stuff on the way. Promise. :)


6/3/03 - Apparently this site was not functioning as well as I had hoped for "Netscape" and "Mozilla" users.

I've gone back in and tweaked the Style Sheets to the best of my ability, so hopefully things are running properly now.

The background color of this site should appear "black", the text color should be a grayish "white", and currently all background images should be "fixed".

I've tested my recent adjustments on "Netscape 7" and "Mozilla 1.3.1" and everything seems to be running as it should now.

If this is not the case for you please send me an e-mail. Please include the name and version of the browser that you are using and I will see if further adjustments can be made.


5/31/03 - Welcome to the launching of Artist86.com!!

Artist86.com is my first ever attempt at a webpage. It's function is to be a display area for my artwork.

Currently only a portion of the page is up and running. Mostly it's just the basic structure at the moment, but seeing as getting that done was the hard part (for me anyway), I'm hoping that it shouldn't take me too long to start filling up each section with some new artwork.

At the moment the "Traditional Art" section is the only portion of my page that actually has content.

I'm currently using that section to display some of my past schoolwork (which explains why it's such an odd assortment of art).

Eventually though the Traditional section will be used to display landscapes, still-lifes, and other works that are a bit more .. well.. traditional in nature.

Please take a look around, I hope you like what you see so far, and be sure check back later for updates!

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